You Got Listings New Version!

We have been hard at work on a new and improved version of the system.  It is now only a few months away from release.  The interface is completely redesigned and it is also fully mobile friendly.  We are doing this for two main reasons.  One, we want to give you a better mobile experience.  Second, we have redesigned many workflows and removed inconsistencies to make it more intuitive and easier to use.

We want to give you plenty of time to get familiar with the new interface and give us your feedback, so we have decided to release it in 3 stages.  You will be notified at each stage either by email or through your account with us.

Stage 1 - Preview Version!  Mobile Ready, View Only.

This initial release will be a simplified version that is mobile friendly on your phone's browser.  It will allow the ability to search and view listings, leads, and landlords.

Stage 2 - Beta Version!  Full Functionality for Rentals, Leads and Landlords.

A beta version of the new site will be released for testing and feedback.  This release will contain complete functionalities for listings, leads and landlords to start.

Stage 3 - Launch Version!  Full Functionality, Old System Discontinued.

The new version is now stable and finished with enough functionalities where the old system will be discontinued.

We are very excited and hope you are too!  We will do our best to make this as smooth as possible and would love to hear your feedback along the way.  You can send your thoughts to and we will be sure to get back to you.


- The YouGotListings Team

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