Third Party Listings Syndication - Common Questions

Third party listing syndication for the purpose of lead generation is available only to paid accounts.
  1. How often are listing syndicated?
    Listings are syndicated on a nightly basis.
  2. What listings are syndicated?
    All on market listings are syndicated.
  3. Can I choose to not syndicate a particular listing?
    Yes you can.  Visit the listing's details page and click on the "Privacy" drop down on the upper right.
  4. Can I choose which websites to syndicate to?
    Unfortunately not.
  5. How do I turn off syndication?
  6. How do I manage the distribution of the leads generated?
    Visit first and then click on the Account Settings tab on top.  Use the drop down selection for "Lead Distribution" to manage your account settings.  Hit the Save button on the lower right when finished.
    * Of note, if a listing has a listing agent, the lead generated for that listing will always go to the listing agent directly.
  7. Why can I not find my listings on third party websites?
  8. Why do I not receive any leads?
    Lead generation depends on whether your listings are being displayed on third party sites or not.  Please visit the article provided for #7 for more information.

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