Not Receiving Lead Emails - Troubleshooting Steps

Below are some things to check and test if you are receiving new leads within your Leads tab, but not receiving the new lead emails.

First, check your email's spam folder.  Depending on your email provider's spam settings, our lead emails might be there.

Second, check if your email settings are turned on to receive Lead emails.
  1. Click on the button on the upper right with your Username and select Account.

  2. Click on the Email Subscription link on the left and ensure the Lead Notification option is set to Yes. If the option was set to No, change the option to Yes and click the Save button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Third, change your account's email address to something different and see if you start to receive emails.  Preferably a gmail address.  Now if you do start receiving leads after, then that means your previous email client is blocking our emails.
  1. Click on the button on the upper right with your Username and select Account.

  2. Update the Email field and save.

If all of the above fails, then please contact us at

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