Displaying Listings on Your Website

Display listings within your YouGotListings account onto your website and have them auto sync, there are 3 options.


Embedding a widget onto your site is the easiest route.  This can be done by a developer or yourself in just a few minutes.  The down side is that it is not as very customizable.  To access the code, click on the Profile Pic icon on the upper right and select Website Widgets.  The code is provided right on the page available for the developer to use.


Utilizing the API gives you the most amount of freedom.  The API will only pass back the raw data requested.  Formatting and display of the data will have to be all taken care of by your developer.  Please see the below link for our documentation.


When ready to move forward, please email support@yougotlistings.com to request an API key.  (Only admin of the account can make the request.)

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