Allow all lead notifications to go to Managers/Admins users only

There are instances were you as the manager or admin want to be the only ones receiving information regarding incoming  leads for your listings. There is a two part approach to getting something like this done. Firstly, you have to change the settings within the account to ensure that all unclaimed leads notifications are only sent to Manager/Admin users of the account. You can follow this guide for steps on how to get this done.

Secondly, if an agent is assigned as a listing agent for a particular landlord, all incoming leads pertaining to that landlord listing(s) will be sent directly to that listing agent only - overwriting the change mentioned above. So to a avoid this, you would have to set a manager/admin user as the listing agent for each landlord.

How can an agent know which landlord they are in charge of? You can make use of the Tag feature to link a specific agent to a landlord. Please note the screenshots below on how to get this done.
  1. On the Landlords page do a search for the desired landlord then click their name.
  2. You will be directed to the landlord's details page and click Select Tag(s)
  3. Enter the name of the agent as a New Tag and click Add
  4. Check the tag that you just add and click Select.
  5. On the Landlords page, click Tags and select the agent's name that you added.

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