Listing and Landlord Sharing

Prerequisite: Exclusive right to represent the property shared.

What does it mean to share a listing with outside brokers?

Introducing the YGL Network

The YGL Network like MLS, allows brokers to share listing information with each other, so they can collaborate and help each other rent properties faster. By sharing your listing on the YGL Network, other brokers will be able to search and advertise these listings directly within their YGL account.

*How to share listing(s) with outside brokers?

Internal listings within your account can be shared with brokers on the YGL Network in 2 ways, individually or by landlord.  Sharing the landlord would share all listings under this landlord.  When you open a listing or a landlord, you will find the "Sharing with Outside Brokers" control under the Marketing section.

*What information is shared?

Customizable Fields: You can set a different price and fee paid for the outside broker than what you have internally.
  • Rent
  • Fee
Hidden Info:  The following fields are not visible to outside brokers.
  • Key / Entry Info
  • Move in Costs
  • Unit and Building Tags
  • Website & Syndication Ad Copy
  • Unit, Building and Landlord Internal Notes
  • Landlord Info -  Outside brokers will not see the landlord information that you have internally, but rather your account as the landlord.
Additional Fields:  3 additional fields will be available for the listing to convey additional info.
  • Broker Unit Notes
  • Broker Building Notes
  • Broker Landlord Notes
*Does not apply to Landlord accounts, as all listings and information within are automatically shared. 
Additional Article:  How to grant and manage broker access?

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