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  1. Add Profile Picture to your Personal Site (SpeedHatch)

  2. Add, Update, Remove a Listing's Listing Agent

  3. Adding a YouTube Video to your listings

  4. Allow all lead notifications to go to Managers/Admins users only

  5. API - Accounts Search

  6. API - Leads Insert

  7. API - Rentals Search

  8. API General Info

  9. Broker Account - Share and Manage Listings with Outside Brokers (MA only)

  10. Can YGL unblock my IP address on Craigslist?

  11. Common Third Party Extension Issue

  12. Correct a Listing's Map Information

  13. Credit Report Service

  14. Data Entry Service Policy and Procedures (IL & MA Only)

  15. Displaying Listings on Your Website

  16. Email Multiple Listings

  17. Finding Your Ads on Craigslist

  18. Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

  19. Helpful Tips on Creating a Website

  20. How can I add a Watermark on my Photos?

  21. How can I export my data from YGL?

  22. How can I prevent a single listing from being advertised?

  23. How can I prevent all the listings for a landlord from being syndicated?

  24. How do add or remove privileges for an agent?

  25. How do I access shared listings on YGL?

  26. How do I activate Quick Post with the new Penny Posting (v1.10.0+)?

  27. How do I add an internal listing to your YGL account?

  28. How do I add open access listings to my YGL account?

  29. How do I cancel my Paid Account?

  30. How do I change the name of my Account?

  31. How do I Create/View/Edit/Delete Listing Groups?

  32. How do I remove a listing from my account?

  33. How do I share listings as a landlord/broker?

  34. How to Add/Edit/Deactivate/Delete a user

  35. How to change your Username/Password

  36. How to create a separate Zillow feed

  37. How to locate your monthly statements

  38. How to update your Credit Card in your account

  39. I am not seeing the Post Ad button. Why is this?

  40. Listings Not Found on Syndicated Websites

  41. Manage Existing Complex

  42. Merging Two Landlords' Listings

  43. Missing City/Neighborhood in the API feed

  44. Not Receiving Lead Emails - Troubleshooting Steps

  45. One Time Data Import - Buildings CSV File Specifications

  46. One Time Data Import - Landlord CSV File Specifications

  47. One Time Data Import - Listings CSV File Specifications, with Separate Buildings File

  48. One Time Data Import - Listings CSV File Specifications, without Separate Buildings File

  49. Penny Posting Extension Troubleshoot

  50. Posting an Ad

  51. Recover Deleted Landlord or Listings

  52. Review a Listing's Change History

  53. Stop Receiving Emails from YouGotListings

  54. Third Party Listings Syndication - Common Questions

  55. Third Party Syndication Common Lead Email Issue

  56. Unclaimed Leads Explained

  57. Update Default Cities / Neighborhoods

  58. Upgrading and Downgrading a Paid Account

  59. User Privileges Revamp

  60. View Billing Statement History and Details

  61. What are differences between the listing sources?

  62. When I forward lead notifications to my agents they are not able to claim the lead

  63. Who can view my listings?

  64. Why am I not able to save on the Post Ad page?

  65. Why are other agents within my account able to see listings I am not able to?

  66. Why can't I delete the images I uploaded?

  67. Why is there a difference between info on the Listing's Detail page and Post Ad page?

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