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  1. Add Profile Picture to your Personal Site (SpeedHatch)

  2. Add, Update, Remove a Listing's Listing Agent

  3. Adding a YouTube Video to your listings

  4. Allow all lead notifications to go to Managers/Admins users only

  5. API - Accounts Search

  6. API - Leads Insert

  7. API - Rentals Search

  8. API General Info

  9. Broker Account - Share and Manage Listings with Outside Brokers (MA only)

  10. Can YGL unblock my IP address on Craigslist?

  11. Common Third Party Extension Issue

  12. Correct a Listing's Map Information

  13. Credit Report Service

  14. Data Entry Service Policy and Procedures (IL & MA Only)

  15. Displaying Listings on Your Website

  16. Email Multiple Listings

  17. Finding Your Ads on Craigslist

  18. Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

  19. Helpful Tips on Creating a Website

  20. How can I add a Watermark on my Photos?

  21. How can I export my data from YGL?

  22. How can I prevent a single listing from being advertised?

  23. How can I prevent all the listings for a landlord from being advertised?

  24. How do add or remove privileges for an agent?

  25. How do I activate Quick Post with the new Penny Posting (v1.10.0+)?

  26. How do I add an internal listing to your YGL account?

  27. How do I add open access listings to my YGL account?

  28. How do I cancel my paid account?

  29. How do I change the name of my Account?

  30. How do I Create/View/Edit/Delete Listing Groups?

  31. How do I remove a listing from my account?

  32. How do I share listings as a landlord/broker?

  33. How does setting the Listing Agent impacts lead distribution?

  34. How to Add/Edit/Deactivate/Delete a user

  35. How to change your Username/Password

  36. How to create a separate Zillow feed

  37. How to grant and manage outside brokers access?

  38. How to locate your monthly statements

  39. How to search Zillow for my exclusive listing?

  40. How to update your Credit Card in your account

  41. How to upgrade or downgrade a paid account?

  42. I am not seeing the Post Ad button. Why is this?

  43. Listing and Landlord Sharing

  44. Listings Not Found on Syndicated Websites

  45. Manage Existing Complex

  46. Merging Two Landlords' Listings

  47. Missing City/Neighborhood in the API feed

  48. Not Receiving Lead Emails - Troubleshooting Steps

  49. One Time Data Import - Buildings CSV File Specifications

  50. One Time Data Import - Landlord CSV File Specifications

  51. One Time Data Import - Listings CSV File Specifications, with Separate Buildings File

  52. One Time Data Import - Listings CSV File Specifications, without Separate Buildings File

  53. Penny Posting Extension Troubleshoot

  54. Posting an Ad

  55. Recover Deleted Landlord or Listings

  56. Review a Listing's Change History

  57. Stop Receiving Emails from YouGotListings

  58. Third Party Listings Syndication - Common Questions

  59. Third Party Syndication Common Lead Email Issue

  60. Unclaimed Leads Explained

  61. Update Default Cities / Neighborhoods

  62. User Privileges Revamp

  63. View Billing Statement History and Details

  64. What are differences between the listing sources?

  65. What is Listings Access URL and how does it work?

  66. When I forward lead notifications to my agents they are not able to claim the lead

  67. Where is the Email feature for leads?

  68. Who can view my listings?

  69. Why am I getting leads for listings I didn't add?

  70. Why am I not able to save on the Post Ad page?

  71. Why are other agents within my account able to see listings I am not able to?

  72. Why can't I delete the images I uploaded?

  73. Why is my account's name and address locked?

  74. Why is there a difference between info on the Listing's Detail page and Post Ad page?

  75. You Got Listings New Version!

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