What are differences between the listing sources?

In YouGotListings (YGL) there are 4 potential listing sources. Please see them below.
  • Internal
  • YGL Network
  • YGL Data Entry
  • MLS


Listings that are added by a user within your account. You have full control over these listings. You will also have the ability to share these listings with outside brokers on YGL

YGL Network:

Listings shared by landlords, management companies and brokers through the YGL platform. Unlike the Internal listings, you cannot modify the core information shared with you.  You are required to submit an Inaccuracy Report to the sharer, who will then make the necessary changes on their end. You are not authorized to share these listings with brokers on the platform. However, you are free to advertise these listings unless stated otherwise by the sharer. They would have this information noted in the notes.

YGL Data Entry:

Only if you have signed up for the Data Entry Service would you see this listing source.  Listings from this source are strictly controlled by the YGL Data Entry team. Like the YGL Network listings, you are not authorized to make changes but can have an Inaccuracy Report submitted to us to make changes.


If you are a member of MLS (IL & MA only), you can have your listing imported into YGL by entering in your MLS ID in your User Profile page. You will not be able to make changes to the details of these listings.  They can be email and also displayed on your personal site so that you can showcase the properties to your prospective leads.

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