What are differences between the listing sources?

In YouGotListings we have 4 different listing sources. Please see them below.
  1. Internal
  2. YGL Network
  3. YGL Data Entry
  4. MLS


These are listings that were added by a user(s) within your account. As an admin, manager or agent, you have control over the contents of these listings. You can make changes to the rental price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc but as agents, you will not be able to delete listings unless given the privilege by the admin or manager of the account. You also have the ability to share these listings with outside brokers on YGL

YGL Network

These are listings obtained from brokers on the YGL Network. Unlike the Internal Listings, you cannot freely make changes to the details but you can add photos. You are required to submit an Inaccuracy Report to the broker who will then make the necessary changes on their end. You are not authorized to share these listings with other brokers.

YGL Data Entry 

Listings from this source are strictly controlled by the YGL Data Entry team. Like the YGL Network listings, you are not authorized to make changes to details but have an Inaccuracy Report submitted for us to make changes from our end. You are not authorized to share these listings with other brokers.


If you are in possession of an MLS account (IL & MA only), you can have your listing imported into YGL by entering in your MLS ID in your User Profile page. Please note that you will not be able to share or make changes to the details of this listings but they will be syndicated to your personal website (SpeedHatch) so that you can showcase the apartments that you have available. These listings are strictly in read only format.

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