User Privileges Revamp

Dear Admins and Managers,

We are looking to redesign the user privilege settings.  This controls what a user can view and modify within the account.  The reason for this change is to make those settings easier to understand.  Currently for example, a user can be created with only the "add" editor role, but will still be able to update and delete leads in their account.  There are many such examples where it is not very clear on the exact implications of those settings.

The redesign could potentially impact your current workflow.  We are here to make sure that this transition goes as smooth as possible, so please review the changes below.  If you have any questions or concerns, my name is John and you can reach me directly at

Release Date:

Notable Changes:

1. Removal of "Listing Distribution" Role - This role originally was created so an user outside of an admin or manager can manage shared listings within the account.  What we have found however is that very few accounts use the option.  Hence the removal.

2. "Add", "Update", "Delete" Privileges Merged - The ability to manage add/update/delete permissions is removed. Going forward, a user can either be "View Only" or "Full Access", where "Full Access" would allow the user to add, update and delete. To offset the risks associated, we will be improving the history tracking system with features such as user specific activities tracking and the option to undo deletions.

3. Landlord Limited Access Update - Currently a user can be setup to have the "Limited Access" and still be able to add/update/delete a landlord because of how their Editor privileges are set.  Going forward, "Limited Access" will be renamed to "View Only with Restrictions" and as the name states, can only view landlord info.  To allow the user to be able to add/update/delete, then the "Full Access" option will have to be given.  "Limited Access" with edit abilities is no longer available.

New Privilege Settings:
  • Super User / Account Owner
    Has full access and is the only user to be able to perform a backup, along with add and remove services.

  • Account and User Management
    Ability to handle billing, manage account settings and users.

  • Listings
    - View Only
    Can only view listings within the account, with no ability to modify.

    - Full Access
    Can view, add, update and delete listings.

  • Landlords
    - No Access
    Does not have access to any landlord information.

    - View Only with Restrictions
    Can only view listings within the account, with no ability to modify.   Will not have access to the landlords search page.

    - Full Access
    Can view, add, update and delete landlords.

  • Credit Report
    - Can access the credit report functionality to pull credit reports.

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